Name: Musica
Venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London
Date: May 7, 1980
Label: Stonehenge, STCD 2110/2111
Sound quality (1-10): 9


Comments: This is probably the best bootleg ever made of any Genesis performance. The sound quality is very good, and the selection of songs is great.

To be continued...

Liner notes: "During 1980 Genesis released "Duke", their 10th studio album. For who followed this band from the beginning of their carreer, 1980, and this LP represents a great turning-point moment; they discharge from their old fans; the band which is going to ride gloriously the 80's has a different music on mind. The drum-machine, shily here included, will be the one which will control their future sonorities, and dictate a much more pop-style, with greatest care for the hit-parades and the FM radios; a style that, even if cannot be disregarded by their "trademark", has nothing to do with the atmospheres that only one word marks: GENESIS. Mike, Phil and Tony notice all this and decide to discharge from their big returning to the small spaces; for "the last time" no more Arenas, stadiums and destroyed stalls, good-bye to the Pharaonic stage, all lasers ad mirrors. Genesis return to the small provincial theatres, to the old atmospheres of the smokiest pubs. The refound "human dimension", the happy choice of the played pieces are only some of the winning ingredients of this unforgettable tour, which has the only fault of not touching any European country (except for England).

The 22nd March, 1980, Mike Phil and Tony, accompanied by Daryl Stuermer and Chester Thompson, land at Friars of Aylesbury, that has seen them for several evenings as protagonists during Peter's times for the warm-up, the warming concert of the tournee. So begins a tour of only 65 dates, 35 in England and 30 among Canada and The United States, a tour that ends the 31st June at Sarotaga Springs, NY. The concert has an only protagonist: MUSIC; Phil Collins hardly speaks, he doesn't even introduce the songs. And many are the moments he sits behind the drums to duet with Chester Thompson. The chosen pieces are almost the same for all the tour; only the opening of the concert during the first dates is entrusted to "Back in N.Y.C." replacing "Deep In The Motherlode", while in the States the more commercial "Misunderstanding" is almost always preferred to the fantastic "Ripples". In order to communicate their MUSIC desire Genesis choose pieces from various records, prefering songs with large instrumental spaces. There's all their best from 1976 to "Duke", as well as some battle horses written in company of Peter Gabriel.

The recording included in this double CD captures the whole final exhibition of their English tour, which took place at the very famous Lyceum Theatre of London, ten days before leaving for America. And to celebrate properly the very warm English public, Mike, Phil and Tony gift them with a third encore already rarely performed those times: "The Knife"."


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Thanks to Thomas Holter for his excellent page
"The Path" from which this review and scan were culled.