lamblives.jpg (13416 bytes)The Lamb Lives

Name: The Lamb Lives
Venue:West Palm Beach Convention Hall
Date: January 10th, 1975
Label: Backstage BKCD 033/034
Sound quality (1-10): 4-7


Comments: "Recorded live in USA at the very beginning 1975", the cover says. BUT: "Well, the CD "The Lamb Lives" is quite a complex story and quite an engineering feat.

Most of the show is from January 10, 1975, at the West Palm Beach Convention Hall. The name of this venue supposedly has changed quite often through the years, anything from WPB Convention Center, WPB Civic Center, etc. I'm not sure of the exactness of the name. It is at the building that was at sometime known as the West Palm Beach Convention Hall or whatever the exact wording is.

But if you listen to it carefully, there are LOTS and LOTS of patches all over the place. For goodness sakes, the show begins actually from the show in The Palace Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island, on December 8, 1974. In the piano intro of "The Lamb", it shifts into West Palm Beach. Listen goes from an audience tape to a soundboard. it happens at many other places. One notable area is the encore "The Musical Box", which most of the first half of the song again came from Providence." by Mel Huang


Thanks to Thomas Holter for his excellent page
"The Path" from which this review and scan were culled.